Grow Your List, Grow You Business

by admin on November 27, 2012

Practical Reasons and Ways to Build Your

Biggest Online Business Asset


The Money IS in the List and Never Forget It


We’ve all heard the saying, “The money’s in the list” and it’s absolutely true. Website visitors come and go, but subscribers to your mailing list are people you can contact over and over again.


If you’re not convinced about the benefits of email marketing, here are a few for you.


  • It cheap. There’s no doubt about it, sending email is inexpensive. You might pay for a 3rd party service to deliver your email and you may even hire a writer to create your emails for you, but overall, the costs involved with email are pretty small. And when you consider #2 on this list, any costs really pay for themselves. Or they should, if you’re doing it right.


  • ROI is huge.  Previously, you may have heard of the Direct Marketers Association statistic that email marketing had an average return of $43.52 for each dollar spent (2011), but as solo entrepreneur with a teeny tiny budget, yours can be much higher.


  • Just about everyone has an email address. Yeah, a lot of people have Facebook accounts, but email still wins because it’s more widespread. After all, you can’t create a fully functioning Facebook account without an email address.


  • It’s direct. Unlike other marketing methods, email reaches your subscribers directly and is addressed to them specifically, unlike [click to continue…]


Using Slide Shows to Market & Grow Your Business

by admin on November 24, 2012

Versatile and High-Value Content that Grows Your Traffic, Establishes Credibility and More

 If you’ve been hanging around the web at all lately, you’ve probably noticed an interesting trend in content creation and that’s the use of slide shows. Slide shows are a visual way of grabbing and keeping your visitors’ attention…plus, they give your content a more polished look and can help increase the perceived value.

This report will take you through the many ways to use slide shows in your business, tips for creating them, marketing ideas and more.

How to Use Slide Shows in Your Business

There really are no limits on what you can do with slide shows, but if you’re short on ideas, we’ve got a great list for you here.

  • Publish them on your website. Slide shows make great visual content. Just about any type of content can be displayed as a slide show, but some types that lend themselves very well to the slide show format include:
  • Top 10 list…or lists of any number. It could be a “Top 10 Reasons to…” or “Top 10 Ways to…” for example.
  • Content that shows a process. For example, a recipe, an instruction guide and so forth.
  • Idea lists. Whether you’re sharing Christmas craft ideas or getting kids to eat their vegetables, idea lists are perfect for slide shows.
  • Publish them to a site like, so others can easily embed and share your slide shows. SlideShare is a social site that encourages the sharing and passing around of slide shows. [click to continue…]


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